STATEMENT 30-10-2016

It has been a long year of turbulent winds and dark materialization . 2017 will burst with next atacks:

     TZELMOTH-Antithesis Cosmos Full-lenght.Lp vinyl/pro-tape.

         TZELMOTH/TUNDRA "split".CD pro/pro-tape.

Total underground conspiration!
fuck you scene!

STATEMENT 29-12-2015

Hycha Nutabe Rex

HNR-001 TZELMOTH- Rehearsal - XII-I-MMXV. Re-edit from this 4-track rawness!. Originally release in tape, now available in CD-pro, limited and handnumbered to 200 copies!.

Label contact:

STATEMENT 13-12-2015


Tzelmoth- Reh 2015 available now in Blood Shed In The Battlefield, Argentina.


STATEMENT 16-11-2015


Tzelmoth- Reh 2015 available now in Svart Prod, Mexico.